Free download Message Viewer Lite (.msg .eml)

Message Viewer Lite (.msg .eml)

Simple viewer to open .msg and .eml email files. View email messages in full html, text or rich
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16 March 2009

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As soon as the notification ‘new email received’ flashes on your screen, you browse through programs to access your email client to check the new mail. But, why take all these hassles when you can take up a shorter route with Message Viewer Lite (.msg .eml) The utility is designed to help you viewing your emails with .eml or .msg format without opening MAPI, Outlook, or Outlook Express. The application can function in multiple instances, thus enabling you to view different emails simultaneously. The utility is capable of displaying the emails with original formatting, whether it’s html, plain text, or rich text (OLE objects included). Setting it as default email file handler, all your emails would automatically open with it.

After installing the Message Viewer Lite as default email file handler, you can effortlessly access your emails. Along with the feature for opening and displaying the email files, the application also supports downloading file attachment from the emails. Now you can click and open the messages with the viewer, where the content and attachments are presented on the interface. The information relating the email received such as From, Sent time, To, CC, are shown at the upper part of the console. Even you can load the emails using Open functions to view them with the program. Further, the application lets you print the emails, check file associations, save attachments, in addition to opening the attachments. It even maintains a log file to keep the record of its work activity, which can be saved by the users. Moreover, you get options to alter configurations for personalized toolbars and menus, resetting usage data, and enabling other supportive features.

Message Viewer Lite (.msg .eml) can help you avoid the hassles in browsing and opening email clients for viewing the emails, by displaying them directly within the viewer. Citing the simplicity it works with, which is accompanied by its easy-to-operate features, the viewer tool has been assigned with 3 points.

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Message Viewer Lite is a simple, easy to use viewer to open .msg and .eml email files. View email messages in full html, text or rich text format. Set as default for .msg or .eml files. Print messages, extract file attachments. Makes email client client migrations less painful. Easy to install on one computer, or deploy to thousands. For a full featured viewer that will export and search email messages, check out the Pro version of MsgViewer.
Message Viewer Lite (.msg .eml)
Message Viewer Lite (.msg .eml)
Version 3.0.3
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